Regesta of Charles IV 1346-1378

Charles IV (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The regesta of Charles IV are available in the editon by A. Huber from 1877 with an additamentum von 1889. Those regesta have been being digitized into a database and supplemented by evidence from deeds of this ruler in the since then published literature by the Berlin division in cooperation with the local division of the MGH-Constitutiones since 1994. The extensive source material on the constitutions of Charles IV for the time from 1357 until 1378 which had been assembled by the editors in Berlin from various German and foreign archives has also been incorporated. Thus a database has been created, which features more than 9300 Charles-deeds and hence 2000 more than the old Charles regesta, which additionally have frequently been corrected and freed from doublets. As a work-progress this database shall in cooperation with MGH-Constitutiones be expanded and standardized in future. On this basis a compilation is available within the framework of the work-in-progress text collection of the Regesta Imperii here.


VIII. Charles IV 1346–1378

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All printed publications were published by the two Böhlau publishing houses in Cologne-Weimar-Vienna and respectively Vienna-Weimar-Cologne. Volumes marked by a * were published as reprints by the publishing house Olms, Hildesheim.