The extensive material collections of individual sub-projects are available in the form of comfortably researchable databases and as PDFs here. Furthermore digital articles and helpful ressources are available.

I. Regesta of Charters (work-in-progress)

Department III: Salians

Department VIII: Charles IV

  • Regesta (wip) of Charles IV from the material collection (deeds database) of the offices „Regesta Imperii – Regesta of emperor Frederic III (1440-1493)“ and „Monumenta Germaniae Historica – Constitutiones“ at the BBAW
  • Itinerary

Department XI: Sigismund

Zsigmondkori Oklevéltár

As results from two Viennese third-party funded projects (2004-2012) on the Zsigmondkori Oklevéltar (record book from the Sigismund era) the following are available as online publications:

Department XIII: Frederick III

  • Online-Supplements to Issue 6 [Die Urkunden und Briefe aus den Archiven des Kantons Zürich (vornehmlich aus dem Staatsarchiv Zürich), bearb. von Alois Niederstätter, Wien-Köln 1989], bearb. von Christian Sieber, Zürich 2005.
  • Material collections of the offices "Regesta Emperor Frederick III (1440-1493)" of the German Comission for the Edition of the Regesta Imperii e.V. at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz and interacademy projects.

    The database includes about 30.000 proofs of deeds of the Hapsburgian (1440-1493), which to a great extent have not been published yet. The data pool, which consists of archival records, reference works and evidence from the secondary literature, is integrated into the entire research offer via linking with the regesta database and the RI-Opac. Since the database as a work-in-progress-project is constantly being added to, corrected and expanded, it does not raise a claim on textual or formal validity.

    Frederick III Database

  • cumulated Register (based on the CD-Rom edition from 1998) of all issues published to date, edited by Dieter Rübsamen and Volker Manz (1998-2016)

II. Online Contributions and Aids

Here you'll find monographs in relation to the RI, aids etc. for research and teaching, which are published as electronic PDF ressources.

Sources on the Jurisdiction of Emperor Frederick III (1440-1493)

Im Rahmen des DFG-Projekts „Quellen zur Gerichtsbarkeit Kaiser Friedrichs III. (1440-1493)“ (Prof. Dr. Franz Fuchs, Universität Würzburg, Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Krieger, Universität Mannheim, Prof. Dr. Paul-Joachim Heinig, Mainz/Gießen) wurde in den Jahren von 2000 bis 2004 ein Findbuch zu den Gerichts- und Schlichtungskommissionen aus der Regierungszeit Friedrichs III. mit mehr als 1750 Einträgen erstellt (bearb. von Ralf Mitsch und Holger Vogelmann).

Die Einträge können über die Register zu Kommissaren, Parteien, Orten und Personen und die Kommissionsnummern eingesehen werden. Die einzelnen Stücke nennen die betroffenen Parteien und Beteiligten und geben einen Überblick über das verwendete Quellenmaterial.


Personennamendatei (Integrated Authority File GND)

Here you can find a GND-Beacon file to provide links between external resources and the authers and historical characters mentioned in the RI-OPAC. The "GND" (Integrated Authority File) is an international authority file for the organisation of personal names, subject headings and corporate bodies from catalogues managed by the German National Library.

III. cognate projects

Here you can find other projects which edit sources important for the history of the Holy Roman Empire and other websites related to medieval studies.

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